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Whether it’s sourcing a JDM, Euro-Spec/Market or Canadian/U.S. vehicle, there is nothing like getting the exact car that meets your exact needs and specifications. That is why our Personalized Vehicle Finder is designed to save you time and ensure that we have as much information as possible to ensure an effective and complete search.

That’s also why it’s our mission to make the import/sourcing process as simple and seamless as possible. Our turnkey process gets you the exactly optioned car you want, at the highest quality and best price, while we take care of all the work.

3 Reasons Why Savvy Car Buyers Choose The “Personalized Vehicle Finder”

Huge Selection and Supply:
As a licensed and bonded dealership, we have access to the hundreds of thousands of vehicles at every wholesale inventory database and auction south of the border, in Canada, and throughout Europe and Asia. This means that no matter how specific or rare your dream vehicle is, we’ll find your perfect vehicle, free of charge.

Highest Quality Vehicles, Guaranteed:
We only purchase accident-free and insurance-claim free vehicles from reputable dealers and sources. We provide a free CarFax, AutoCheck or Carproof report with every North-American spec vehicle. Additionally, we can arrange for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection, giving you the upmost level of buying confidence.

Hassle-Free, Best Price:
For vehicles sourced outside of Canada, we search, find and import your vehicle into Canada, while taking care of all logistics, including transport, paperwork, fees, warranty and recall clearance letters if applicable, provincial and federal inspections, as well as plating and registration. We include our service fee in our final quoted price, so you get a bottom line all-inclusive price with no surprises to follow. Also, without needing to inventory the vehicle, we save on overhead and you get the absolute best price.

How The Import Process Works In A Nutshell

Complete the form and we’ll begin searching for your perfect car. Once we find something, we give you all the vehicle’s details and our all-inclusive price. You see the savings for yourself, and our search is 100% free.

If and when you are ready to purchase, we purchase and import the vehicle for you. With our turnkey process, we take care of the entire importation.

We deliver the car to you, plated, registered, and Canadian certified – anywhere in Canada. The quality as promised is guaranteed – you are under no obligation to accept the vehicle upon delivery if it is anything less than promised and your deposit will be refunded. Enjoy your new car!