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“Extracting the maximum value for your vehicle with the least amount of effort”.
That is the essence of our consignment program. Selling a vehicle privately and holding out for the right buyer often nets you maximum value for your vehicle, but can be a time-consuming, laborious and stressful process. On the other hand, trading in your vehicle is quick and simple, but rarely can you receive maximum retail value for your car and often lose thousands of dollars as a result. That is where our vehicle consignment program encompasses the best of both methods, allowing you to obtain retail value with wholesale convenience.We will retail market and pair your vehicle with our network of customers and industry buyers for a quick and easy sale at the highest value.

How Consignment Works

11. We work with you to determine an appropriate retail value price for your vehicle. Unlike most of our competitors, when you consign your vehicle with us, there are NO UPFRONT FEES.

Our commission is only taken once the vehicle is sold, and you choose the method from either a flat fee, a percentage of the selling price, or the difference between the final sale price and your floor price.

22. After your vehicle is professionally detailed, we will take high quality professional exterior and interior photos to showcase the true value of your vehicle. We will then draft a detailed description of your vehicle to be used on all media advertising.

33. Your vehicle will be uploaded to our website, third-party sites and advertised through our network throughout North America. We know appropriate markets for all types of cars and ensure maximum exposure that can expedite your sale.

44. Your vehicle is stored in our heated and insured indoor warehouse storage facility, allowing potential customers to come see the vehicle in person any time during store hours, not just when you are available. Our sales team will then do what it takes to get your vehicle sold, including reaching out to buyers, arranging test-drives (with your agreement and consent) and negotiating a sale. Rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands and will receive regular start-ups, fluid checks, trickle charging etc. as needed.

55. Once the vehicle is sold, you will quickly receive payment for the vehicle while we handle delivery with its new owner. At any time before sale, you can cancel the consignment with zero penalty fee.

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Auto Emporium Consignment Advantages

1. Zero enrollment fees and zero cancellation fees.

2. Professional photos, detailed vehicle descriptions and accurate retail pricing.

3. Global advertising and marketing through our website, third-party sites, active shoppers, industry associates and social media.

4. Vehicle storage, test-drive arrangements, vehicle maintenance and professional sales negotiation.

5. Flexible leasing and financing options available for prospective buyers gives the vehicle a much better chance of selling, which private sellers cannot offer.

6. Vehicles currently leased or financed are easily accepted – when the vehicle is sold we simply pay off the lien and cut you a cheque for the difference, allowing you to break free of your car payments quickly.

7. We can ship your vehicle to our facility if you are not located locally.

8. You retain ownership of your vehicle throughout the consignment process and have access to it at any time to see it or drive it.

9. Dealerships command a higher sale price due to peace of mind and reputation.

10. We can ship your vehicle to any client anywhere in the world and arrange for importation and brokerage if necessary.

*Only fees would be upon cancellation. Fees are marketing costs and detailing.